Mar 22, 2019 - 10:10 PM
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Number of markers included in current query: 0
The database contains 1367 user datasets
598 users show their DNA information
0 users match the current query (= 0 %)
Country counts absolute: RO=4, GB=42, IE=15, US=49, FR=2, PT=2, UA=3, BE=6, NO=4, MX=1, NL=4, AF=2, IT=9, CH=1, CA=5, NZ=1, SE=1, GD=1, DE=5, TR=1, LT=2, FI=6, SI=1, PE=1, RU=1, BY=1, CZ=1, AM=1, CS=1, CM=1, PK=1, CU=1
Country counts relative* [%]: RO=100, GB=100, IE=100, US=100, FR=100, PT=100, UA=100, BE=100, NO=100, MX=100, NL=100, AF=100, IT=100, CH=100, CA=100, NZ=100, SE=100, GD=100, DE=100, TR=100, LT=100, FI=100, SI=100, PE=100, RU=100, BY=100, CZ=100, AM=100, CS=100, CM=100, PK=100, CU=100

* Relative percentages to all users in the listed country that have results for the markers that have been searched .

unamecountryyhgroupY-SNP results Separator: ";"DYS 19DYS 385DYS 385a*DYS 385b*DYS 388DYS 389IDYS 389IIDYS 389IIIDYS 390DYS 391DYS 392DYS 393DYS 413DYS 425DYS 426DYS 434DYS 435DYS 436DYS 437DYS 438DYS 439DYS 441DYS 442DYS 444DYS 445DYS 446DYS 447DYS 448DYS 449DYS 450DYS 452DYS 454DYS 455DYS 456DYS 458DYS 459DYS 460DYS 461DYS 462DYS 463DYS 464DYS 472DYS 481DYS 485DYS 487DYS 490DYS 492DYS 494DYS 495DYS 497DYS 504DYS 505DYS 510DYS 511DYS 513DYS 520DYS 522DYS 525DYS 531DYS 532DYS 533DYS 534DYS 537DYS 540DYS 549DYS 552DYS 556DYS 557DYS 561DYS 565DYS 568DYS 570DYS 572DYS 575DYS 576DYS 578DYS 587DYS 589DYS 590DYS 593DYS 594DYS 607DYS 617DYS 632DYS 635DYS 636DYS 638DYS 640DYS 641DYS 643DYS 650DYS 710DYS 712DYS 714DYS 715DYS 716DYS 717DYS 724DYS 725DYS 726YCA IIY-GA TA-A10Y-GA TA-H4Y-GGAA T-1B07DYF 371DYF 385DYF395DYF397DYF 399DYF 401DYF 406DYF 408DYF 411DXYS156-Y
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